Nail artist pro training




During your training: 

👉 you will learn everything you need to know about different gel polish-, gel- and acrylic systems
👉 you will learn how to use the electric file to work with the highest standards 
👉 have fun with salon design and nail art
👉 you will master everything from basic salon pedicure, through gel polish toes all the way to the most pampering luxury pedicure experience
👉 you get the opportunity to try 5 different brands' best products.

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Lessons covered:


🥰Nail anatomy
🥰Sterilizing your hands, feet, tools and touch surfaces
🥰Nail diseases and disorders
🥰Different types of manicures
Classic manicure
Dry manicure
E-file manicure
Wet manicure
Combined manicure
🥰Preparation of the nail plate
different filing techniques
preparing the nail surface
products for perfect preparation 
🥰Gel polish application process
different types of base layers
color application
different types of top layers

🥰Gel application process
(pink, white, clear, color gels)
extending the natural nail plate with gel

🥰Acrylic application process 
(pink, white, clear, and color acrylics)
extending the natural nail plate with acrylic

🥰Removal of gel polish, gel and acrylics
🥰Nail art basics.

🥰Pedicure in salons
🥰Gel polish application on toes

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 What makes my training different?

 One of the many reasons why I have been dreaming of running my own INDEPENDENT Nail Artist Training is because this way, I am FREE TO TALK ABOUT ALL MY FAVORITE BRANDS without being restricted to a contract. 

I'm extremely happy that when I reached out to my favorite brands, they all agreed to be included in my DISCOVERY CLASS. 

Brands you will meet: 
-The Manicure Company
-and the list is growing. 

After your training, you will have the opportunity to start building your client base in our Kimmage Based
BeautyPreneur Academy
Beauty Salon / Training Centre

You will get FREE ACCESS* for a month right after your training to use one of our fully equipped nail stations and our entire stock. 

Bring your model or your client and I'll help you, and mentor you until you build your confidence to work on your own. 

*Free Access upon availability, and by previously booked timeslots. 
After the first month, a small fee applies. 

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